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Download simulation

On this page you can download various simulation results via download.
The data is available as zipped text documents (decimal = point, column separator = tab).

All examples were simulated with the following parameters:
Simulation time=0-100s, increment=10ns
Fundamental frequency=400Hz
Modulation frequency=12000Hz
Modulations: undershoot method
Starting temperature (Tamb)=25,00°C

Stator inductance Ls1/Ls2/Ls3=0,195mH, Stator resistance Rs1/Rs2/Rs3=15,8m
Rotor inductance Lr1/Lr2/Lr3=0,238mH, Rotor resistance Rr1/Rr2/Rr3=10m
Main inductance Lh1/Lh2/Lh3=11,1mH, Slippage=0,040

Beginning plot time=99,995s, end of plot time=100s, plot increment=1µs, in the field of switching losses=10ns

Attention: the download and use of this data is at your own risk! For damages, in particular for direct or indirect consequential damage, loss of data, loss of profit, system or production losses due to the use or downloading of data, no liability is assumed.

Simulation comparison between 3-level inverter and 2-level inverter:
2-level, 3-phasen, 300A-module, Uzk=800V, closed water cooler      modulation rate=0,69 (794KB)

Simulation comparison between 2-level inverter with open and closed water cooler:

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